Alap Inspektor Minőségügyi és Méréstechnikai Kft. (Alap Inspektor Quality and Measurement Technics Ltd., short form Alap Inspektor) was founded as a 100% Hungarian owned company in 2013.


The company has its registered office in Veszprém, however, for our partners benefit, the majority of the company`s services are available over the whole of Hungary and in the neighbouring countries. Our employees have several decades of experienceprimarily in the automotive industry, ranging production line engineering to that of a factory manager position. They have a thorough knowledge of injection moulding, metal working, assembly and other basic manufacturing procedures.


  • The 3D optical measuring services of the company are based on the most advanced  state of the art GOM devices. This technology allows for the highly accurate measurement of products of exceedingly complex geometry, even under operating conditions. A full-scale scanned image of the items to be measured is created where the number of points extends to a million. Consequently, the hidden faults of the product (burring, extrusion, imbibition, deformation, etc.) become immediately visible. The surface is comparable red to the 3D model at our disposal, making the deviations visible even in a colour map. Checking of the sizes is also more accurate since the diameter of a cylinder, for example, is determined based on several tens of thousands of points on the whole surface and this can be done in a very short time because each and every scanning step („shot”) takes only a few seconds. The density of the compulsory point cloud is sobig that every single small fault, scratch, damage or cut, etc. can be clearly identified. This density makes the point cloud suitable so that it can be directly fed into the NC machining centre. The point cloud created during the scanning process is furthermore also suitable for re-modelling and so-called re-engineering.  In this case, the technical documentation is drawn up in 3D model form based on the existing product or manufacturing No. Download the programme from our homepagefree of charge.


  • Active supplier development extends from checking the incoming goods at the customer`s premises through assistance in handling complaints on the supplier`s premises to support in even factory management. We assist our partners with the performance of audits to be carried out at their suppliers or in handling complaints within the country as well as outside the country. If necessary, we can also professionally plan and implement projects, be it the introduction of a new product, production relocation or product modification.


The high quality requirements set by us make us suitable and ideal partners  for companies for whom high-quality products and services are essential.


The company`s management system is certified by TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft.





Alap Inspektor Kft has won  a Reliable Company Certificate for it’s correct attitude towards it’s clients and for it’s ethical and fair company management.


Alap Inspektor has won a Certificate as a „Digitally Preferred Enterprise”.