Comprehensive comparison of the product’s surface with color spectrum of the CAD model or master part


Digitalizing of technical or fine mechanical parts in comparison with the 3D CAD / CAM model and with the high tech full surface measurement machine GOM ATOSII-TripleScan and with the integrated optical picture computing system we can digitalize (scan) the parts in high resolution. Products can be from the smallest fine mechanics to the 1-2 metre large dimension, any material and color.


Nominal / Actual Comparison of Details

  • Reference of  CAD data in standard and special formats imports IGES, VDA, STEP, JT Open, STL, CATIA v4/v5, UG, Pro/E, Parasolid
  • Automatic primary arranging of the CAD data without 3D interaction
  • Identifying the coordinate system in art of 3-2-1, Best Fit, RPS, Plane-Line-Point etc.
  • Define the tolerances of the CAD data.
  • Actual and nominal comparison of the CAD data.
  • Performing of color spectrum of deviation with pre defined or individual labels.


The method of evaluation in details:


After the transformation of the scanned data (point cloud) into the target coordinate system all scanned points can be compared to the CAD model or to the digitalized master part. The possible deviation can be shown in a color spectrum map. The color spectrum map shows the accuracy. Red is higher, blue is a lower dimension according to the customer’s tolerance limits. Deviations from the CAD model are well visible and also if the product is usable. Also independent from the deviations of the given product is it suitable for further use (is it possible to re-work it to the end product). On the color spectrum map labels can be placed with data of the exact deviations. With this method such deformations can be visible which would be difficult to recognize with a conventional method


For our customers we provide a measurement protocol (in .pdf format).