We can allocate to the clients high skilled experts with long experience to improve the quality indicators, to all kind of activities.


Procedure of  SQA servicing:

  1. The customer gives a written authorization for processing of the claim.
  2. Alap Inspector starts the 8D system documentation to the supplier.
  3. Alap Inspector starts a sorting action in accordance with the clients or suppliers request.
  4. During the processing of complaints it will be clarified who will stand for the costs involved.



  • An accurate 8D report in connection with the complaint (or in format as agreed previously with customer).
  • A selective action in order to maintain continous production.
  • Recommendation: as a preventative measure for the modification of the existing contract with the supplier.


Data and Manpower to be provided by Alap Inspektor

  • During workdays an SQA engineer will be allocated to the clients site.
  • Office  equipment (computer and mobile telephone).
  • Provision of sorting group to ensure the supply of good parts for the production within 1 working day from placement of order. (If special tools or special equipment required , in that case the manufacturing could take more time and the sorting process start will be delayed with the same period).
  • A daily progress report of the selection process to the customer and supplier.


Data and Manpower to be provided by Customer

  • Contact persons with defined authorization for order.
  • Transfer of the supplier data.
  • Supply of necessary data required for complaint processing.
  • Office or desk to ensure the activity of the SQA engineer.
  • In accordance with a separate agreement provision of a measuring room or for an order to carry out measuring.
  • An internet access.
  • A telefax access.