Re-modelling (re-engineering)


Preparation of a 3D CAD/CAM model from the product in all known file formats. On request producing a 2D drawing, with side views and segments


With GOM ATOSII-TripleScan top of the range industrial measuring device equipment (3D scanner) and  associated optical image processing we undertake processing from the small fine mechanical parts up to  1-2 m large products, parts, tools, several materials and any color products or tools high accuracy digitalization in high resolution. On the full surface scanning of the parts a surface point cloud is produced  this point cloud we undertake the 3D CAD system re-construction from the original a max. 0.01 mm deviation of and we put this in the co-ordinate system. The re-modelling can be carried out with the area surface fitting or with re-modelling method,as required by the part or by  the customer. In both cases the measured data are accurately realized.. This means that the best fitting scanned products and the best fitting CAD element will be fitted onto the geometrical elements of the scanned product.

The typical application areas: damaged, broken, no longer available parts, reconstructs of electrodes, if there is no 2D/3D drawing or model available for the old parts or tools reproduction.

The process with samples:


Original part  portfolio5


3D networkportfolio6


3D body modelportfolio7


Any of the known 3D CAD/CAM formats, basically with .iges or .stp extension it is possible to produce SolidWorks, ProE, Unigraphics/Siemens NX and Inventor type files also.