Quality check and inspection with GOM ATOS 3D scanner

Amikor elvárás az MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025 szabványnak való megfelelés

Kalibrálólaboratóriumunk hosszúságmérés – dimenzionális méret meghatározása 3D szkenner berendezéssel – területen végez akkreditált kalibrálásokat.

Free GOM Inspect software

Quality check and inspection with GOM ATOS 3D scanner.

If you need a lot of inspection

Inspection of the incoming products – comparison of the surface with the color spectrum map and deviations to the CAD model or master part.

When you need a quick response

Comprehensive comparison of the product’s surface with color spectrum of the CAD model or master part. Digitalizing of technical or fine mechanical parts in comparison with the 3D CAD / CAM model and with the high tech full surface measurement machine GOM ATOSII-TripleScan.

When you need a detailed response

Product measurement (initial part measurement PSW). Dimensional measurement of technical mechanical parts or fine mechanic parts for inspection. Comparing of nominal actual data detailed. Import of the reference CAD data in standard or special formats…

When there is a big problem

Re-modelling (re-engineering) to produce a 3D CAD/CAM model from the product in all known file formats. On request prepare a 2D drawing with side views and segments. With GOM ATOSII-TripleScan industrial high tech full surface optical measurement equipment (3D scanner)…

When nobody knows, what the problem is

Scanning of the reel parts and put them in the GOM system, in order to make the possible overlappings or gaps. This visible method can prevent any damage of the expensive parts. This can make an obvious difference between assembly parts manufacturing process or design faults obvious.

Active strategic development of supplier in practice

Audits, Assessments

Supplier process audits and supplier development. For the customer we can carry out an active strategic supplier development in practice. Our colleagues have many decades of practice at industrial firms, mostly in the car industry, typically in production, quality control, and even top management level.

SQA Process – Initiating and Processing of Supplier Claims

We can allocate to the clients high skilled experts with long experience to improve the quality indicators, to all kind of activities.

Project Support

Full support of projects to our clients in order to ensure the successful implementation ─ from the initial step till evaluation.

Active Supplier Development on-site-engineering

For our customers we practice an active supplier development. Our colleagues worked long years at production firms, mostly at automotive plants, in typical work tasks production, quality assurance on management.